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Open yourself up to the countless opportunities that only yoga classes can provide at the FHF GYM 24/7. Our yoga classes are run by a professional teacher with in-depth classes taught and many years of experience.

FHF GYM 24/7 in Rowville, is the only yoga studio in Australia certified by the Patanjali International Yoga Foundation. PIYF teachings preserved the ancient and the original yoga knowledge and practice.

"Future Health and Fitness Gym Rowville"

freshly renovated yoga room.


Our teachers have undergone years of learning at PIYF school before they could even begin to teach. Teachings of the PIYF school are preserved to the original core of the yoga - long before the modern yoga was simplified, commercialised, and changed to adapt to anyone willing to pay.

Your teacher will see and know the areas to work on before you do. Classes will be tailored to adjust for each and everyone - whether it is your first class or you've been practicing for years.

Taught with great care and a pinch of a challenge, you can be sure to get everything out of your class and enjoy it to the fullest.

Corporate yoga classes can be taught at your work or office location.


0404 615 998 (Larisa)


$50 p/hour

One-on-One Class


Those who practice yoga know that pranayama starts to work in harmony with the body during correct and prolonged breathig practices.


During morning pranayama you will learn techniques of hatha-yoga breathing (bhramari, plavini, chandrabhedi, murcha and many more).


You will learn how to correctly use breathing techniques and prolong the duration and experience of such practices.




Hatha-yoga practice will teach you opening your body and stretching-focused approach to yoga. Our classes will suit you whether it is your first class or if you are well experieced and looking for a new challenge.


You will receive balanced practice of all position groups, compensating exercise and poses, how to safely prepare your body, joints and muscles to even most complex and hard poses.


Best accompannied by the morning pranayama, our teacher will teach you how to achieve the most out of your yoga practice and enjoy it to the fullest.




Callanetics is the specialised set of static exercises that improve body tone and emphasize visible muscle relief (visilble muscle fibres in places such as abs, shoulders, triceps etc.)


Aimed at a continuos muscle stretching and contraction, callanetics exercises are borrowed from various eastern gymnastics and developed for every muscle group, some of which you didn't know existed.